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Hiya! Thanks for dropping by........

OK, you followed the guest writers link to get here and that's exactly what this short page is about.

First off, you're asking, how much will he pay me?

Short answer. NOTHING! Not a sausage, nada, zilch, zero ..............

Still reading? Great, you got the job. When can you start?

OK, so what IS in it for you?       If you have have a website to promote, a passion to write about, something you really want to see up in lights then get writing. In exchange for whatever you have you can put a link to your website, community group, village website or whatever, on this site

So what, how will that help you?       This site does very well in the search engines - that can be verified by the fact that you found me...... but more scientifically by clicking on the Alexa link below. Alexa provide official traffic rank figures.

There are well in excess of 150 million sites on the web. The vast majority of them sit quitely in the corner with the odd visitor dropping by to poke around and wipe the dust away.

In contrast to that, this site is in the top 1% of websites worldwide and does well in the search engines (You found me OK, didn't you?).

This isn't just a pie in the sky statement but can be verified by clicking on the Alexa button below. This sites ranking is consistently below 900,000 - pretty good for a relatively new site, even if I say so myself.

The figure above is the worldwide ranking. As you will see on the Alexa site we rank around 50,000 in the UK - that's the top 0.01%

This is made possible by providing visitors with quality information and original content. Even better if that information comes from a local and/or knowledgeable source as opposed to someone thousands of miles away regurgitating inaccurate information copied from some other inaccurate website.

That's your cue right there! As long as what you have to say is relevant to this site then we're cooking by gas.

Don't worry about grammar or punctuation - I certainly have no formal qualifications - just write it you'd say it to a friend or as though a tourist had asked you for information ~ ~ ~ ~ .

  • Who built that tower?
  • What island is that?
  • Is that Gaelic? What does it mean?
  • Are there fish in that loch?
  • Where can I see wildlife?
  • What can you tell me about Scottish cooking?
  • Shinty? Is that like hockey?
  • Is that really Scottish music?
  • Do you have info on "Old" Oban & Argyll perhaps even some pics?
  • The list is endless - now you see why I'm looking for contributors.
You got the idea - practically anything you can think of, it's probably relevant -- easy peasy.

If you'd rather not write it yourself send me as much information as possible and I'll do it for you - and still give you the link or publicity for your own interest.

Start of with the contact form below or hit the "email me" button on the navbar and set the ball rolling.

I really look forward to hearing from you, perhaps even meeting a few of you.

Cheers john

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"Rare breeds farm closed! The kids were very disappointed. Yours is the only site that has this notice. Next time we'll check it out here first"
"Great site. Love the sunset on the front page"
"We visit Argyll 4 times a year and despite thinking we know the place well still find some gems on your site."
"Saved money on the entrance fee to the Seal Sanctuary because you told us where to look for the freebies. Thanks. Any more?"

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