Oban Bay Sunset

Sightseeing Vantage Points in Oban

Although this page deals with sightseeing in Oban itself there are some heart stopping views all around the area and these are dealt with on other pages on this site.

No matter where you go you are almost always afforded the best views with a bit of elevation. With the town being situated as it is, built round a bay on sea level surrounded by hills, then that little bit of height will afford you the opportunity for some wonderful all round views.

So where will we go first?

The obvious places are the most visible - you can't fail to spot McCaigs Tower up on the hill dominating the town. So why not get up there and enjoy the views. One of my favourite spots for watching the sunset and occassionally when sleep eludes me I take an early morning walk with the dog to see the sunrise - lovely as it is the dog is definitely more interested in the rabbits.

What about Pulpit Hill? Not so obvious from down below but most people find it eventually. A great place to get your bearings around the area using the indicator.

How about a few spots you won't find in the brochures?

First Place we visit is the Hydropathic Ruins, within easy walking distance of McCaigs Tower and visible from Pulpit Hill if you know where to look.

Put your landlady on the spot - ask her where Battleship Hill is and how to get there - if she knows, I'm impressed, if not point her to this site.

If you're no too worn out by now, I suggest we make our way to Radio Station Hill just off Glenmore Road, Pulpit Hill, but I must warn you that like Battleship Hill it's pedestrian access only and a fairly enegetic walk. Obviously you can get a vehicle so far but it's definitely shanks' pony at the end.


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