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Weather Wise for Argyll

The Gulf Stream - Mixed Blessings

Just like the rest of the country, the weather in Argyll is a subject much discussed by locals and visitors alike - few conversation start with "hello" or "hi" but more commonly "lovely day, eh?" and depending on the actual weather that may be said with a cheery smile or heavily loaded with sarcasm ..........

Argyll and in particular Lorn, the area which this website is mainly concerned with, is predominately coastal. (Argyll means coast, or land, of the Gaels.) Consequently the warm water of the Gulf Stream ensures that the weather is generally temperate. (I'll try to remember that the next time I pull up my collar and grit my teeth in the face of a gale force wind and driving rain!)

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Mixed Blessings ?

The very same Gulf Stream also provides Oban with more than its fair share of rain and that rain in turn provides us the green and lush countryside - mixed blessings indeed.

Summer Weather?

Does it rain all the time? Nope, it's usually dry between the showers ...........
The Argyll area also has its fair share of hot, balmy days, - in June, July and well into Augustsmiling sun with many an unexpected sizzler thrown in for good measure.

Additionally, due to its northerly location, we get around 19 hours of daylight during the summer months - there are days in the summer when its still bright up until perhaps 11pm and it never gets truly dark apart from a couple of hours between 1am and 3am with sunrise somewhere around 3.30am.

Having lived here all my life I tend to take it for granted but often hear visitors remark on how bright it is later on in the evening and how the light throws up different aspects of the surrounding scenery.

Winter weather

Honestly? Generally cold, wet and windy. But the silver lining is spectacular storms and raging seas and the contrasting cold and dry days. rain cloud I just love cold crisp winter days when the islands surrounding Oban bay seem so close you feel you almost reach out and touch them. Or you drive over the crest of a hill and get a panoramic view overlooking Loch Etive with a backdrop of snow capped hills.

Winter daylight is about as scarce as hens teeth! Mid winter daylight proper is around 9am, sometimes later if it's an overcast day with rain laden clouds waiting for the unsuspecting.
With daylight fading fast around 3-30pm and darkness creeping in by 4pm it all makes for a short day and long nights.

Don't let any of that put you off visiting in the winter months, there's still plenty to do and see, although I certainly wouldn't recommend an open top bus tour . . .

What clothes to pack then?

Easy - plenty of light layers (Layers keep you warmer than one heavy article) and a waterproof jacket, the obligatory "I don't care, I'm on holiday, know one knows me?" shorts and t-shirts. There, that's the case packed then! What are you waiting on - a welcome awaits you. car

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